Dennis Lees

Web Optimization Consultant

User Experience Designer

About Me

My primary strength lies in the ability to see and close the gaps between web presences and business goals.

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Dennis Lees

Optimizer, Designer, User Advocate

I thrive making order from chaos. I like to straighten lines. I have an eye for pattern, a head for numbers, and an ear for a good turn of phrase. Clean process and smooth workflow are the only ways I know.

I’m a husband, father, and a dual citizen of Ireland and the USA. I have lived and worked in Europe and Asia, and I've travelled the world.



"One good test is worth a thousand expert opinions."

- Wernher von Braun

What I Can Provide

I offer a broad range of experience, spanning the fields of web marketing, design, development, and optimization.

Website Analysis

I can ask and answer the questions that identify strengths and weak-
nesses, and maximize the ROI of your website outlay.

Conversion Rate Optimization

I can define your primary goal funnels, and create the hypotheses that drive the tests that lead to more leads and more sales.

Content Strategy

I can help you define and execute the most effective ways to plan, design, develop, deploy, and promote your content.

Search Engine Optimization

I can increase organic traffic by improving site health, defining and implementing a keyword strategy, and building inbound links.

User Experience Design

I can research customers and define personas to ensure that business, technology, and user goals are all in balance.

Information Architecture

I can organize your content and design navigation that maximizes usability and facilitates indexing by search engines.


I can analyze your copy for form and tone, ensuring it complem-
ents your brand and maximizes conversion rates.

Web Project Management

I can drive and steer in-house or outsourced teams, on projects from design and development, to SEO and copywriting.

"To simplify complication is the first essential of success."

- George Earl Buckle

My Skills

A general overview of the things I do well, and how well I do them, relatively speaking.

  • Interaction Design 90%
  • Web Analytics 90%
  • Web Project Management 80%
  • Front End Design 80%
  • Usability Testing 75%
  • Lean UX 75%
  • Javascript 75%
  • Search Engine Optimization 90%
  • Conversion Rate Optimization 90%
  • Wireframing 80%
  • User Research 80%
  • Agile Development 75%
  • HTML/CSS 65%
  • Screencasting 60%

Software & Tools

  • Google Analytics 100%
  • Adobe Fireworks 90%
  • Invision 80%
  • Optimizely 70%
  • Omnigraffle 60%
  • Adobe Photoshop 90%
  • Adobe Illustrator 80%
  • UXPin 80%
  • Microsoft Excel 70%
  • Adobe After Effects 50%

My Resume

This section should be read as a general overview. I've restricted the experience described to that which relates directly to the fields of web optimization. My complete work history can be found in my resume, available on request.

Work History

2012 - Now

Owner @ Dennis Lees Consulting, LLC.

from 2012 to present day

Web Optimization, Digital Marketing Consulting

I work with firms to improve their websites, most often for the specific purpose of meeting business goals.

Some services I've provided include:

  • Site Analysis & Review
  • Google Analytics Tuning
  • Organic Search Traffic Generation
  • Conversion Definition, Tracking, & Optimization

2012 - Now

UX Manager @ GMO GlobalSign, Inc.

from 2010 to present day

Lean UX, Design Planning & Process

As part of the Product Management team I practice the diverse discipline of Lean UX Design and aim to balance business, technology, and users, in the creation of a unified User Experience across GlobalSign's web applications.

My responsibilities include:

  • Design Process Management
  • Screen & Interaction Design
  • User Research & Testing
  • Analysis & Optimization Strategy

→ View company website

2010 - 2012

Web Team Lead @ GMO GlobalSign, Inc.

from 2010 to 2012

Web Tech Leadership, Project Management

For a couple of years I took responsibility for GlobalSign's global web properties, and steered an international team of in-house and outsourced developers on a range of projects from large-scale site redesign to motion graphics video production.

My main responsibilities included:

  • Web Tech Leadership
  • Web Project Management
  • KPI Development
  • Search Engine & Conversion Optimization

→ View company website

2009 - 2010

Webmaster @ LOCO Sports, Inc.

from 2009 - 2010

Web Design & Development,Social Media Marketing

During my time at LOCO I laid the foundation for what has become the company's main content portal. The number of initiatives that involved learning new frameworks and technologies are too many to list.

In general, I could be found carrying out:

  • Web Design & Development
  • CMS Integration & Server-side Administration
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

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Afilliation, Qualifiations & Education



Interaction Design Foundation Member → View organization site

User Experience Stack Exchange Contributor → View member page


Google Analytics Independent Qualification Holder


2010 - Social Media Marketing - Peter T. Paul College of Business & Economics

1999 - BSc Exercise Physiology - London South Bank University


Less a portfolio than a gallery of visual communication methods - a few examples of some techniques I utilize and the tools I use.

These examples are low resolution because the bulk of my work contains proprietary product information.

System Maps

In XMind, Omnigraffle


System maps allow for the easy visualization of large sites, applications, and collections of data. They are a key part of the site auditing process and an indispensable tool for information architects.

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Interactive Wireframes

In UXPin and Photoshop


Cloud-based design tools like UXPin enable the creation of wireframes that are clickable. These can be shared with stakeholders and commented on in collaborative environment..

High Res Wireframes

In Omnigraffle, Illustrator


Because they contain more detail than a standard wireframes, high res wireframes communicate a developed sense of form and function without making any major stylistic commitments.

my image

my image

Interactive Sketching Notation

In Illustrator and Photoshop


Interactive Sketching Notation is a mix of wireframing and interaction design. Simple yet efficient notation techniques allow for the capture of large amounts of information in an easy to read and understand format.

Linked Mockups

In Invision and Photoshop


Invision is, hands down, the best tool for rapid, iterative, collaborative design. Visual assets of any fidelity, from iPhone pictures of whiteboards to highly-polished designs, can uploaded and linked together creating clickable experience.

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"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The next best time is now."

- Chinese Proverb

Contact Me

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